That we have several new members!  Go to your member's page and take a look at the Roster.  Also a current copy of the CRWGA Local Rules is located on the Administrative page for your reference.  

CRWGA League Play Tee Times: 9:00 AM

      To sign up to play golf for the  upcoming 


Monday click on "Weekly Sign Up" button above or you can send an email to barberru@aol.com

Thursday click on "Weekly Sign Up" button above or you can send an email to kccallen79@gmail.com. 


Weekly deadline for inclusion on 

Monday's play is Friday 4 pm


Thursday's play is Tuesday 4pm.

Save these Dates!


  • 2/17 – Southern District Winter Scotch at El Conquistador

  • 2/24 – CRWGA Del Sud first round

  • 2/24 – CRWGA General Meeting following golf

  • 3/2   -- CRWGA Del Sud second round

  • 3/9   -- City League @ Canoa Ranch

  • 3/16  -- Second Medallion and Club Championship

  • 3/19  -- CRWGA Board Meeting - All membership        welcome  to attend

  • 3/23 -- General Meeting and Club Championship

  • 4/6 -- Taste of Solheim 6/6/6

  • 4/13 -- 49er’s Fun Day City League

  • 4/16 -- CRWGA Board Meeting

  • 4/20 -- CRWGA Match Play

  • 4/22 -- Inter-Club @ Desert Hills

  • 4/27 -- General Mtg, Match Play & ELECTIONS!

  • 5/7 -- Inter-Club @ CC of Green Valley

  • 5/11-5/12 -- Southern District Spring Partners @Sewailo

  • 5/14 - CRWGA Board Meeting

         For more league information: Contact: Carol Aslakson 520-625-0611   or   email: cla5@cox.net

Canoa Ranch Women's Golf Association

is a member of the AWGA (Arizona Women's Golf Association) and is dedicated to providing Arizona women with an organized league centering on golf, fun competitions and friendship. 


 Open to all levels of golfers Canoa Ranch WGA offers:  *minimum league fees;  *choice of tee boxes;  *year around competitions; *organized events and *multiple league days! 

Additional Information

PRINT your CR​ scorecard

  red and white combo tees


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