"Breaking a Milestone" - If you break (score below) 100, 90, 80, 70... for the FIRST time, please let Jo Palowez know so that we can recognize this achievement and give you a pin!

Another awesome gross score of 68!  Sue Gibson on 5/24/21 tied Barb Bennett for lowest gross score for our ladies club at Canoa Ranch.




Welcome to our newest member Cheryl Francis.

Welcome back to Wanda Doll, we are glad you are joining us again.

Welcome to our new member Jacque VanDyken.

Congratulations to Lynn Greenes, Most Improved Player 2020!  See pic in 2021 photo album.


Congratulations to Sue Gibson & Mary Newman!  They placed 2nd in the 3rd flight at the 2020 State Medallion on Jan 10, 2021 played at Tuscany Falls at Pebble Creek.  See pics in 2021 photo album.

Congratulations to Fran Kaminsky who had a hole-in-one on #13, 12/28/20!  See pic in photo album.

In 2020, Barb Bennett shot a 68 which is the lowest gross for our ladie's club at Canoa Ranch.

Weekly Play Sign Up Info
CRWGA League Play Tee Times: 7:00 AM
note:  play is 7:00am for June, July & Aug with 9 and 18 hole play options



This is a reminder that starting June 3rd you may play with the group for only 9 holes if you wish. Here is how it will work.



You will sign up with the league g.g. invite. However, you MUST include in the message that you only want to play 9 holes. This is how we can get you on the tee sheet. If there are 3 or 4 of you then you will play together. We will not include you in the game and we will not collect monies from you. Once we have done the tee sheet you will be taken out of the game. If there are only one or two then you will be put with a foursome and we will do a blind draw for that group.

Just to be clear we are not starting a 9 hole league. This is consideration for those that have a problem with heat and only want to play 9 holes for the summer. I hope I have explained it clearly. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Barb Bennett

Tournament Chair

Signups for Monday & Thursday golf are now done through Golf Genius.  You will receive an invite to sign up and you reply to this invite.


If for any reason you do not receive an invite, contact

     for Monday golf (by prior Fri at 4pm):



     for Thursday golf (by prior Tues at 4pm): 




June 21:     Board meeting

June 28:     General meeting & luncheon

August 24 & 26:  Monsoon Madness with San

                 Ignacio and Canoa Hills - more info

                 to come

Save these Dates!

CRWGAopen save the date.png

For more league information: Contact: Sandy Noble 559-907-4351 or email: crwgamembership@earthlink.net

Canoa Ranch Women's Golf Association

is a member of the AWGA (Arizona Women's Golf Association) and is dedicated to providing Arizona women with an organized league centering on golf, fun competitions and friendship. 


 Open to all levels of golfers Canoa Ranch WGA offers:  *minimum league fees;  *choice of tee boxes;  *year around competitions; *organized events and *multiple league days! 


(By following some of these suggestions you can save 10-15 minutes a round.)

1.  Playing Order - Have the players in the first cart tee off first. This allows the first
    cart to leave the teeing area as the last cart players are putting their clubs away.

2.  The Course has set the maximum number of golfers in a group as four. As tempting as
    it may be to play a five-some please do not do so on league days.

3.  Play Ready Golf - you have 40 seconds to play your ball from the time it is your turn
    to play until you hit your ball. Your time starts when it is your turn to play, not when
    you address your ball. Think about your next stroke before it is your turn to play. If
     you are a short walk away from your ball take a few clubs and walk to your ball while
    your cart partner is hitting her ball.

4.  Putting Green - study your putt while others in your group are putting. Once you
    start your putt you have the “Green” and may putt out if you wish to do so. This will
    speed up play.

5.  Mark the score card at the next teeing ground.

6.  If your ball is thought to be lost or out of bounds play another ball or a provisional
    ball to speed up play.

7.  You are behind if you cannot see the group in front of you. Ideally, you should be one
    shot behind the group in front of you. (Ex. You are behind if you are at a par-4 teeing
    ground and the group in front of you is on the green putting.)

8.  As a courtesy to your fellow players, cell phones & music should be turned off during
    play. If you are expecting a call have your phone on vibrate. If you like to listen to
    music while you play, please wear an ear bud so as to not interrupt or bother other
    players in your group.

9.  Clubs can be put away after you reach the next ball that is to be hit, either by you or
    your partner or the next teeing ground.

10. ENJOY THE DAY - enjoy the green grass , blue skies, cloudy skies and each other's
      company - and remember - “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER - THIS THING


(Posted May 2020)
(Updated April 2021)